Weekly Update: Gitcoin Donations Are Open

Weekly Update: Gitcoin Donations Are Open

This past week we traveled deeper into the applications and implications of web3 in the media landscape, and creating a sustainable media environment for our society. We talked about how vital the blockchain is for investigative reporting and how to leverage open source tools to do the hard work of exposing the truth.


Growth & Goodness

We’ve been doing some outreach to academic institutions doing the research on news deserts to see where the pain points are for local media based on their research and are meeting with researchers in the coming weeks to see how JournoDAO can participate in providing solutions to this pressing issue.

On the goodness side, we have some lovely new members joining our Town Halls and Spaces and we’re growing! That’s goodness we can all get behind!

This week we launched our official Discourse forum. Keep an eye out for the most interesting discussions to be surfaced in future newsletters.

We're participating in Gitcoin's GR14 grant funding and our proposal is live! You have until June 23rd to make a donation and have it matched by potentially hundreds of dollars. Funding will go towards building education tools, incubating experimental projects, and creating software to fill important gaps between journalists and web3.

Conversations & Town Halls

We were invited to a roundtable at Sapien Nation to talk about metaverse newspapers and what our vision of such a thing might look like. Please listen into the conversation here.

Our Town Hall and Twitter Spaces hosted some deep conversations about using open source data to support investigative journalists and how to apply these skills to uncovering things that plague our eco-system, like rug pulls, insider trading on NFTs, and dark money in politics. Please hop over to our Twitter Spaces recording and listen to the conversation!

We also held a tutorial Zoom meeting showing our community how to use the newest feature on Mirror.xyz that allows writers to mint “Writing NFTs” using Optimism. The video will be live shortly on our Discord and Twitter account. The short version is Mirror now makes it incredibly easy and free to mint an essay and allow people to support a journalist’s work by collecting their writing NFT.

Getting the Word Out

Keith Axline published a fabulous article on how local journalism fixes the internet. Please head over to our blog and read the article, then join the conversation on our Discord.

Here's a taste for you:

A Better Fabric of Humanity
We are experiencing the brittleness of Command and Control structures that have dominated our world for so long. A few people at the top of a corporate machine are being easily overtaken by headless groups that can morph into any shape that rapidly changing conditions require.
City governments work feverishly to keep up with the needs of their people while the federal government seems to have a response time of years. Like responding to the light of a dead star, the present moment as perceived by these centralized control centers is no longer relevant to the reality happening at the source.
We are living in a world where Sense and Respond is the more optimal strategy. Where groups socially update their priorities in real time based on what they're seeing in their local environments.
There's no time to report back to a central authority and wait for a myopic directive based on the perceptions from a totally different environment. We need decentralized, autonomous groups doing what makes sense for them.

Proposals & Partnerships

We had our first proposal submitted on Discourse about the mechanics and concepts surrounding our NFT Founders token launch to help generate the revenue needed to begin actively implementing our mission to buy a local media outlet and to put the other initiatives the community has created into motion. Here’s the link to the “Initial Proposal for Founders NFT” on Discourse.

Thanks so much for supporting our mission and please share this update on the Twitters and in your community! And if you haven’t already, please submit the form below and join our mission!

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