Journalism + Web3 = ️

JournoDAO is an incubator for projects that transform and rethink the journalism ecosystem. Using web3 tools, we're building the future of journalism:

  • 🌎🧑🏽‍💻🕸 Decentralized newsrooms
  • 🔗🕵🏻‍‍📰 On-chain reporting
  • 🏅🔑💸 Tokenized ownership
  • 👩🏽🤝👨🏿‍🦱 Peer-to-peer distribution
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Upgrading Journalism

We're bringing the tools, skills, and outlets into the future.

Connect value to creators

The people who benefit from local journalism pay for the service directly.

De-value attention

Attention is a poor measure of value. Basing our current media agenda around monetized attention is a root cause of much of today's dysfunction.

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Open-source algorithms

The era of predatory and biased recommendation engines is over. Community owned algorithms can help deliver a truly balanced, highly-valuable news diet.

Community Owned

The best way to prevent extractive media businesses is to give ownership back to the community.

Founding Supporters

Please take a moment to check out our lovely supporters who helped us launch.

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