Journalism + Web3 =

JournoDAO is an incubator for projects that transform and rethink the journalism ecosystem. Using web3 tools, we're building the future of journalism:

  • 🌎🧑🏽‍💻🕸 Decentralized newsrooms
  • 🔗🕵🏻‍‍📰 On-chain reporting
  • 🏅🔑💸 Tokenized ownership
  • 👩🏽🤝👨🏿‍🦱 Peer-to-peer distribution
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Our community is classified as a public good.


Upgrading Journalism

We're bringing the tools, skills, and outlets into the future.

Connect value to creators

The people who benefit from local journalism pay for the service directly.

De-value attention

Attention is a poor measure of value. Basing our current media agenda around monetized attention is a root cause of much of today's dysfunction.

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Open-source algorithms

The era of predatory and biased recommendation engines is over. Community owned algorithms can help deliver a truly balanced, highly-valuable news diet.

Community Owned

The best way to prevent extractive media businesses is to give ownership back to the community.

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