We Have  A New Podcast Called "Press Fix"

We Have A New Podcast Called "Press Fix"

The days are slowly getting longer and a bit warmer here in the Northern Hemisphere and we’re plotting and planning how to remake the news landscape over here at JournoDAO.

ETHDenver is rapidly approaching and we’ll be in Mile High City with our fellow ImpactDAO community exploring what’s on the horizon and possibly commiserating over what a wild bear market we’re all navigating. It takes a village, and we’re excited to see ours IRL in just a few weeks.

On the “big news” horizon, we’ve officially launched our first JournoDAO podcast, called Press Fix. We’ll be exploring all things web3, decentralization and the media industry.

All of that said, if you’d like to join this mission to restore journalism on the local level (and so much more), please hop into our Discord!



Our conversations this newsletter are the ones we started on our new podcast, Press Fix. Our fabulous EurekaJohn produced this first episode and you can watch it on the YouTubes or listen on your favorite podcasting platform.

Stay tuned for perks for listeners to the podcast too! We’re debating on rolling out some fabulous podcast POAPs that will give listeners access to JournoDAO goodies. And a special shout out and gratitude to Eric’s wife, Johanna DeBiase, an amazing multimedia artist who created the cover art for Press Fix. Please stop by her website and support her art!


It’s that time of year again— ETHDenver!!! We’re still waiting to hear from the event crew to see if our speaking requests were accepted, but regardless, the whole crew will be in Denver. A few of us will be hopping into Buidl Week and Schelling Point and we’ll all be around for the main event. We’d love to meet up with our community and beyond, so please ping us on our Telegram (we only use this for IRL events) and let us know what side events you’ll be at and hopefully we’ll sync up.

Onward & Upward

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