Absolutely DO NOT Mint Our NFT

Absolutely DO NOT Mint Our NFT

What do you get when you mint the new JournoDAO Founder NFT?


And … well … everything.

Founder NFT holders get access to everything JournoDAO has done and will ever do. Events, educational content, airdrops, schwag, private research groups, IRL JournoDAO co-working spaces, our job board, our professional network, our writing services, exclusive NFTs and discounts … the list is endless.

And yet, none of that exists. You get NOTHING … right now.

We are looking for very special individuals who both 100% believe in us and our vision, and also have relatively large sums of cash laying around to spare. DO NOT spend your life savings on this NFT. If it feels like a stretch, just don’t do it.

Do we think this NFT will be more valuable than what you pay for it? Absolutely. Do we think there’s a chance that it becomes worthless and you lose it all? Of course. Though if we thought that was likely we wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

We are doxxed. You can find us and talk to us whenever you want. No rug pull. Everything we do or do not do will be discussed and explained. You might not like it, but it won’t be a trick, and it won’t be secret. It will always be what we think is best for the DAO – which importantly won’t always be what’s best for Founder NFT holders, but generally whatever benefits JournoDAO also benefits Founder NFT holders.

Given all that, if you’re still thinking about hitting that mint button, allow us to wet your appetite with a list of future benefits and our level of confidence that they will happen.

100% Confidence

  • Eligibility to apply for logo display on “Trusted Sponsors” section of journodao.xyz
  • Private chat server with direct access to Core Team and other Founders
  • Anything we dream up to delight our Founders over the next 10 - 20 years

90% Confidence

  • VIP access and free drinks at the JournoDAO Happy Hour in Los Angeles in September (where we'll be presenting at the Online News Association conference), and future events.
  • Free monthly allotment of service credits for writing/editing help, or consultation on your token/NFT project.

80% Confidence

  • Discounts and giveaways on partner NFTs.
  • Airdrops of journalism related NFTs

40% Confidence

  • 5 free posts to our Job Board each month once it’s built.

1% Confidence

  • Name a local newspaper whatever you want

0.01% Confidence

  • Your own 60 min. prime-time slot on CNN when we buy it

This is not a much-maligned Roadmap to try and pump the price, this is a sharing of our plans so that you can evaluate if you should mint or not. MOST PEOPLE SHOULD NOT MINT THIS. If you are at all uncertain, stop reading now and go enjoy your day. We’re serious.

Welcome Founders

OK, now that we only have our Founders left, it is with great honor that we welcome you to the most important NFT you will ever own. Here are the details.

Price: 2 ETH
Quantity: 1000 (see below)

We have launched this batch of NFTs with the Unlock Protocol, and the contract we used does not have a hard limit on how many NFTs can be created. We will be putting those decisions up to community votes in the future. If it's left up to the Core Team, we're planning on removing any creation abilities on the smart contract so that the 1000 limit is enforced at the contract level. We'll strongly advocate for this as best we can, but we are an early stage DAO. Anything can happen.

We have opened up 800 Founder NFTs to be minted so that we can hold 200 in reserve. The current plan for those is to use them for scholarships, partnerships, and other public benefits.


We firmly believe that giving governance rights via tradeable assets is fraught with peril. However, the community could vote to imbue the Founder NFT with voting powers in the future. We're going on record as strongly discouraging this since we've seen the havoc that tradeable voting rights can visit upon a DAO.

With all that out of the way, we look forward to doing great things together. Simply press the mint button above. The future of journalism starts with you.