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JournoDAO Weekly: Grant Round Closing, Doors Opening

While the bear market is revealing the weaknesses in many of the massive players in the crypto ecosystem and decimating the lingering centralization mentalities some builders are deploying, opportunities for BUIDLRs like us are bubbling up to the surface. Our mission is evolving and expanding daily and we’d love to have you along for the ride. If you’re not already in our server, please click here to get started!

The Short & Skinny Version

Growth & Goodness

ONE DAY LEFT TO DONATE!!! Our Gitcoin GR14 grant is live and we’re excited to see those who are supporting our mission through donations in such a wild crypto market! Please head over to GR14 and send a little love our way– it takes a village and any little bit helps!

Keith wrote a piece on the Re-Public blog with more info about our governance app. Contributors to JournoDAO are now being onboarded and then we'll start running through tests to make sure everything works and everyone understands how to use it.

We were invited to speak at the ONA Conference in Los Angeles in September and are planning a possible meetup for the JournoDAO community. ONA is the Online News Association and it’s an honor and delight to open the web3 dialogue to a community of professional journalists in such a manner.

Conversations & Town Halls

Our Town Hall and Twitter Spaces took us deep into some of the initiatives and ideas we’ve been bouncing around in our server. Here’s a snapshot of our agenda from last week’s town hall.

Our weekly Spaces was hot again last week with a conversation exploring what’s possible with a  web3 approach to decentralized media outlets. We also had Alona, from UkraineDAO, hop into the conversation and bring us up to speed on some of the journalists and citizens working to tell the stories on the ground of the Russian war and invasion in Ukraine.

And Keith’s article from earlier this month was featured and read on the Eureka Street Crypto Podcast! Be sure to listen and subscribe. Earlier this month, I (aka @Desertrat) was also interviewed by the amazing Guy (Guy is his name) who produces the Circum Podcast and is also an active JournoDAO member. Be sure to hop over and subscribe to his channel as well. Guy puts a ton of effort and care into producing his podcasts and is an amazing interviewer.

Our server has been hopping this week with conversations exploring the various media stories and conspiracy theories impacting our ecosystem. Sometimes we approach these convos from the perspective of an “objective” journalist (cause some of us are wired that way). Other times, we get all down and dirty with academic and intellectual theories that make me feel really smart for just reading and understanding ¼ of the words.

Here’s a snapshot of a summary from @Clinamenic regarding the BAYC and the ongoing debate about potential ties to white supremacy iconography and 4chan trolling narratives. Hop into our server to join the convo.

Proposals & Partnerships

We participated in some fascinating partnership collaboration calls with the core teams of a data DAO who have built a visualization data tool that supports blockchain investigative reporting and they’d like us to take it out for a spin. Details should be solidified by the next newsletter and we can fill everyone in on the project.

We also had a call with a Decent Partners and EdgewareDAO about supporting JournoDAO by funding some research and development so we may explore our mission and test some of the premises we’re currently debating in our community.

Onward & Upward!

The past week has shown us all that while these large institutions and whales may crumble overnight, those of us who are in this game for the long haul and are devoted to deploying web3 to solve serious issues in our communities will prevail– and thrive. Thanks so much for supporting our mission and please share this update on the Twitters and in your community. And if you haven’t already, please submit the form below and join our mission.

Please share this update with your community and apply to join our DAO using this link. We’d love to see you in the Discord!

And please don’t forget to hop over to our GR14 proposal and toss some crypto in the kitty…we’ve got big plans and need all the support we can get! ;)