Week 2: Fires and Friendships

Week 2: Fires and Friendships

Welcome to our second weekly update, here at JournoDAO. Our community is growing fast, our platforms are expanding and partnerships are surfacing on the daily!

The growth of the DAO validates the premise that the existing media model is broken and we, as a collective, are all starving to consume and support local journalism outlets again.

Watching the JournoDAO mission expand throughout the web3 community and beyond gives us hope and support in knowing we're not the only ones who long for a healthy media landscape. If our mission resonates, and all the goodness below gets you hot and bothered, please subscribe from this page or go to this form and join us!

Growth & Goodness

We connected with @joonian at CoinDesk and coaxed them into the Discord. We're actively cultivating relationships with the crypto media, so please connect us with your favorite writers and web3 media outlets! The core team can now be reached by the press via email: [email protected].

Conversations & Town Halls

In case you missed last week’s Twitter Spaces, please hop over to this recording and get up to speed!


If you missed our last town hall - the recording is now up on Youtube.

But I recommend the decentralized mirror on DTube.

Getting the Word Out

You've got to scroll through A LOT to see our shout out, but we were featured in a Bankless newsletter last week!

JournDAO’s founders were featured on a recent episode of the The Circum Podcast. Be sure to listen at the link below and learn more about our mission and big visions for the DAO. And please give Circum Podcast a follow on the Twitters too!

New Mexico Wildfires

The wildfires in New Mexico are consuming one of our founding member's communities and he took a moment to explore how devastating having no reliable local news media can be in such a fast-evolving situation like a wildfire. Please take a minute to read through this thread on media deserts and their impact on local communities during catastrophic events.


Possibilities & Partnerships

We connected with Diana Aguilar from Blockchain Press Club DAO and began conversations about extending the Streamr prototype to their members.

We are actively seeking to partner with journalists on the ground in Ukraine in our partnership with UkraineDAO to directly support local correspondence covering the war. Here's an excerpt from a recent email our team sent out seeking connections to local journalists.

If you know of anyone who might be a fit, please reach out and let's support those who are risking their lives to show us the reality on the ground in Ukraine.
The point of the program is to give the journalist an encrypted feed on which to publish their reporting, and then allow people to subscribe to it for a fee. That fee would be distributed directly back to the journalist's wallet. No censorship or intermediaries extracting extra fees.
The journalist would completely own the feed and the content that they put on it, and we wouldn't have any access to it without also paying for access ourselves. JournoDAO wants to see if this new model of allowing journalists to monetize their work directly is something viable and desirable.

Our Digital Home

Our digital home is expanding every day and we're adding and experimenting with new platforms to support our mission and community. Here's a brief look at what happened behind the scenes at JournoDAO this week.

We added the following elements to the website:

Let's face it, the thought of Musk taking the reins of Twitter makes us all want to vomit, just a bit, so we explored alternatives and have created a Mastodon server for anyone who wants to join us over there!

We're also exploring alternatives for core community home, just in case we all get tired of communicating in Discord. We're seeking a platform that is robust and a strong fit for our community that straddles both the web2 and web3 worlds. We are currently testing platforms, so if you have any recommendations, please let us know! We recently set up a Zulip instance and are taking it out for a whirl right now. Hop over and join us by clicking this Zulip invite link!

We also expanded our reach to the YouTubes! Here's the official JournoDAO channel, please subscribe and stay in the loop: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNeM2prZRe9KT9qI_CbZo3Q

And we have a D.Tube channel too: https://d.tube/#!/c/journodao-01

We have some interesting partnerships and conversation starters that we'll be bringing to the community in the coming weeks as we solidify the details. Some of this will be addressed in our upcoming Town Hall meetings and then we'll make more formal announcements in our Discord once finalized.

The traction and conversations that are surfacing around JournoDAO are fueling our mission to restore balance and sustainability to journalism through decentralization and we’re so excited to have you along for the journey! If you’re not already a member, please submit this form and join our Discord asap! It takes a village and we’ve got a spot for all our news junkies!