Weekly Update for May 25, 2022

Synergies and partnerships are surfacing almost daily and we are so excited to see such an evolution. Turns out a mission of restoring and supporting local media by leveraging decentralization is a conversation that many are hungry for and it further fuels our mission at JournoDAO. Here’s this week’s updates and if you haven’t applied to join the DAO yet, please click here to get started!

Growth & Goodness

As we grow, we’re exploring the many ways to fill our treasury wallet, keep the lights on and bring the community’s big visions to life. One idea that surfaced through town hall conversations and chats in our Discord is providing education and guidance for journalists and media outlets new to web3 about how to leverage web3 to further their organization’s or career sustainability goals. We spent some time this week brainstorming the possibilities with services and frameworks that would serve both the DAO and those seeking such guidance.

Here’s a screenshot of our team Miro board. We’ll be walking everyone through these ideas as they become more solid and are ready to be tested in our community.

Conversations & Town Halls

Our Town Hall and Twitter Spaces had some new faces and explored fresh ideas for evolving the DAO. Please take a few minutes to listen to one, or both, of the events at the links below and hop into our Discord to contribute to the conversations.

Town Hall: https://d.tube/v/journodao-01/esshwuq5uga

Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/JournoDao/status/1527364983851388928

Getting the Word Out

JournoDAO was featured at The Sapien Nation’s latest DAO roundtable Twitter Spaces with Klima as we all explored the various DAOs addressing a multitude of issues surrounding the climate crisis. Here is a recording of the Spaces and the list of participating DAOs. We’re so honored to have been given the space to talk about our mission and connect with other DAOs doing the heavy lifting of addressing major societal issues through decentralization and community building. Click here to listen to the recording. https://twitter.com/JournoDao/status/1527695987883376640

We also published an article, written by yours truly (aka DesertRat on Discord), about re-framing the blockchain conversation for journalists so we can begin to have a real and honest dialogue about why the technology that powers NFTs is so powerful for storytellers and those who gather and safeguard valuable information for our collective human experience. Click here to read and share this article.

Possibilities & Partnerships

Our Miro board for mapping our Founder NFT is also evolving and we’ll be walking everyone through the nuts and bolts once we have something more solid and getting the community’s feedback on our first NFT launch to help fund our treasury.

We also explored a traveling NFT exhibit idea for the near future allowing the DAO to take our own smart contract filled with profound images and video from prominent photojournalists and provide IRL+metaverse gallery events showcasing their art and promoting the DAO.

The team also hopped on a call with the Wyoming Governors office regarding DAOs and local journalism in Wyoming. The conversation was very fruitful and opened doors to support local media outlets and help address the “media deserts” that exist in certain areas of Wyoming using web3 models to bring sustainability and support to the local media outlets in various Wyoming communities.

Please share this update with your community and apply to join our DAO using this link. We’d love to see you in the Discord!

You can also keep with us more obsessively over at Twitter.