JournoDAO Weekly: Our Founder NFT, Blockchain Investigative Unit

JournoDAO Weekly: Our Founder NFT, Blockchain Investigative Unit

When the news cycle (and our democracy) flies off the rails like we’ve seen in the past seven days, our mission at JournoDAO becomes ensconced in a sense of urgency.

As the framework of our democracy buckles under the weight of disinformation and weaponized algorithms, the necessity of healthy local media ecosystems that report actual facts is more apparent than ever. Please join our mission by becoming part of the conversation! If you’re not already in our server, please click here to get started!

The Short & Skinny Version

Growth & Goodness

We have a super exciting announcement rolling out with no fan fare or effort to market, because that’s how we journalists roll. Our Founders NFT has been created using Unlock Protocol and we’ll be making a formal-ish announcement next week! Stay tuned and dust off your spare ETH so you can be a founding member. And at this rate, those NFTs will be cheap AF as the market continues to spiral. We can all be rekt together! Not that we even want you to buy our NFT or anything.

The voting app that will power decision making at JournoDAO is ready for us to test internally. Here’s a walk through of the app by Eureka John. We also get a demo of the app from Keith in last week’s town hall meeting. The app has got a ways to go before being ready for public use, but JournoDAO is on track to be using it for voting before the end of the summer.

We are planning for our first IRL gathering at the  ONA Conference in Los Angeles in September. We’ve been invited to speak at the conference and will have a gathering for (most) of the team and our community! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the date!

Our Gitcoin GR14 grant closed and we had some amazing new donors join our mission and we’re so grateful! We’ll be putting our heads together to plan for the next round and see how we can expand our reach!

Conversations & Town Halls

Our Town Hall and Twitter Spaces took us deep into some what decentralized media might look like along with governance and more. Here’s a snapshot of our agenda from last week’s town hall. You can watch the town hall at this link.

Our weekly Spaces was hot again last week with a conversation exploring what an actual decentralized media outlet might look like, including an emphasis on data security and investigative reporting.

Proposals & Partnerships

We launched a project with Diamond DAO that contains two core elements. The first is utilizing their data aggregation and visualization tool called Chainverse. It's software to help conduct deep blockchain investigative research on wallets, DAOs, organizations and the many threads that link all of these entities together. The second part of the project involves researching and exploring the ways that Diamond DAO can build and optimize the tool for use by investigative reporters.

We strongly believe that empowering journalists to understand and report on the web3 ecosystem factually, with open and transparent data, will strengthen the ecosystem and remove the dominating narrative that “web3 is just crypto pyramid schemes run by money launderers lurking in the deep recesses of the dark web”.

Onward & Upward!

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And please don’t forget to gather that ETH and stay tuned to purchase our Founders NFT!