JournoDAO Weekly: Our First Meet and Greet

JournoDAO Weekly: Our First Meet and Greet

As I type this, various members of the DAO are traveling to LA for the Online News Association's yearly conference. I'll be joining them shortly.

Our talk is on Thursday (tomorrow) and we'll post it in the next update if it's recorded and made available:

Even if Web3 Is Full of Scams, the Part That Isn’t Might Just Change Everything

And on Friday, for the first time ever, we'll be assembling a public meetup for DAO members and curious folks in the area.

JournoDAO Social Meetup // ONA 22

Because of all the prep for the event and life and just ... everything, this'll be a quick update. Back next week with exciting stuff to talk about!

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Last Chance to Donate to Our Gitcoin Grant!

Our Gitcoin grant closes today, so if you haven't donated yet, please consider throwing one last hail mary our way.

JournoDAO: Using Web3 to Upgrade Journalism

Collabs & Conversations

Last week’s Town Hall covered a pretty solid agenda since things are heating up here at JournoDAO. We covered some nuts and bolts of daily operations and then left a little space to wander in and out of some pretty fascinating conversations. Take a few minutes and listen to the conversations here.

Our Twitter Spaces was more of an open conversation about web3 and the media and some of our news friends wandered into the Space to dive deeper into the state of media and how decentralization can help solve some fundamental news issues, like trust and fact checking.

Reena Ninan from News3 Network joined the conversation, as did Deepa from ImpactDAO Media. Please take a moment to listen and then go follow them on Twitter to see the goodness they’re putting out into the world.

We were also guest speakers on a recent Lobby3 Spaces (technical difficulties, so no recording) with a new DAO Coalition with other like-minded DAOs discussing the recent White House report on digital assets and the lobbying and legislation that will be impacting our ecosystems.

Our role in conversations surrounding legislation and major crypto stories in the media seems to be evolving towards helping journalists understand the very thing they are reporting on so that both law makers and the general public are not immediately swayed towards the negative aspects of digital assets. Media Agenda Setting Theory is in full effect here and, whether we like or not, participating in that agenda is a necessary role for any DAOs working with the news industry. (Shout out to my (Crystal) mentor, Donald Shaw who created media agenda setting theory— he passed away last year, but his brilliant research continues to shape the media we all consume today).

Treasury Activity

We're using our modest treasury to reimburse members for some of the expenses for ONA and to incorporate a C Corp in order to do business with the real world. Read more about it and join the discussion here:

That's all folks! If you're new to the DAO and want to get involved, subscribe to this blog and fill out the form on the homepage by hitting the "Join" button.