JournoDAO Weekly: Onboarding the Curious to Web3
A view of the mall in Buenos Aires. Photo: Eric Mack

JournoDAO Weekly: Onboarding the Curious to Web3

The big news of the week is our presence at Media Party in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our own Eric Mack is representing us and running several events during the self-proclaimed "most important media innovation conference in all of Latin America."

Eric's report from the first day was very positive. We're getting a lot more interest than expected and we expect to see some of the people he met with show up in the Discord and town halls in the coming weeks.

"There was a bit of a language barrier, but I don't think it was a huge hindrance," Eric said over Discord.

A big unknown going into the event was how our mission would go over with general media people. To that point, Eric said, "I would describe the crowd as Web3 friendly for sure, or people are just being polite."

Crystal has been kicking ass at creating our presentation materials.

More updates to come next week on how the rest of the conference goes.

Town Halls

I'm posting this week's and last week's town hall here since this update is coming later than usual. In this week's we hear from Eric directly as he calls in from Media Party.



Twitter Space

Do you enjoy listening to Gen X'ers whinge about "back in their day"? You'll love last week's Twitter Space!

Getting Ready for ONA

After Media Party, Crystal and I will be attending MCON, but since we're not presenting anything, the next big event for JournoDAO will be the Online News Association conference in LA.

The title of our talk is Even If Web3 is Full of Scams, The Part That Isn’t Might Just Change Everything. It looks like Eric and I for sure will be on stage, and possibly John.

Crystal has been hard at work on our deck and we're debating whether we can get away with this slide as is (Eric and John are looking particularly dashing):

We're still figuring out the details for our side event happy hour, but hopefully by next week's update we'll know more. It will likely be Friday evening/night on 9/23 ... so pencil that in if you're in the LA area that day.

$JOURNO Token Update

We're discussing adding a few more mechanics to our $JOURNO token dApp:

  • A separate reputation token for donors so they get credit for their contributions.
  • An NFT for donors that tracks particular pieces of content that inspired them to donate.
  • A way for $JOURNO to be minted by anyone via the smart contract so that we don't need an off-chain web server.

Listen to this week's town hall for more details.

Onward and Upward!

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