JournoDAO Weekly: Just Enough Structure
Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash

JournoDAO Weekly: Just Enough Structure

Another week has flown by in this tinderbox of a summer and we’re so excited to bring you all the new updates happening in our community. From our first governance proposal to the formation of working groups, we’ve been busy building out a firm foundation for JournoDAO.

And on that note, we want to shout from the rooftops that we sold OUR THIRD Founders NFT to the fabulous founder at Unlock Protocol, Julien! We’re so grateful and excited that you’re one of our first Founding members and just as happy that your tech is powering our NFTs.  Please check out Unlock to power your community and join their DAO too.


Bureaus Now Open

JournoDAO doesn't yet have a news bureau in a town near you, although we're pretty close to having an unofficial presence in a few cities including one that shall remain nameless but rhymes with Bortland. For now though, we've opened up several virtual bureaus in our Discord to start to help manage our projects and (de)central operations.

If you're interested in contributing to any of our new bureaus – Finance, Content, Events, Dev, Research, Community, Marketing, Education and Services, or our Incubator Bureau – raise your hand in the appropriate Discord channels. If you are allergic to Discord or don't have access, please fill out the application to join our community, shoot us a DM or email [email protected]

The Buzz

We’re often taught in journalism school not to “become the news”. Which essentially means, don’t screw up so bad you end up in the news or don’t make the story about yourself. But since we’re a DAO, we’re all about re-writing the rules, right? This week we were interviewed by Florence, a freelance writer with the Right Click Save publication. We’re excited to spread our mission amongst our ecosystem and will pass the article along once it’s live.

Conversations & Town Halls

Last week’s Twitter Spaces featured members from CityDAO who took us deep into DAO legal structures and financial best practices based on their experiences navigating the IRL world of property ownership as a DAO. Listen to the recording here.

Last week’s Town Hall landed us in a fabulous conversation about the actual structures of our community. We fleshed out our working groups, called “Bureaus” and invite everyone to hop into our server and choose a Bureau that resonates and hop into the conversations. Watch the replay here.

Onward & Upward!

Thanks so much for supporting our mission and please share this update on the Twitters and in your community! And if you haven’t already, please submit the form below and join our mission!

Please share this update with your community and apply to join our DAO using this link. We’d love to see you in the Discord!

And please don’t forget to gather that ETH and DON’T collect our Founders NFT!