Grants Galore As We Think About Our Future Funding
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Grants Galore As We Think About Our Future Funding

Last week we all took some quiet time to spend with our families, friends and ourselves to reflect upon and celebrate the things in our lives that make us grateful. At JournoDAO, we are truly grateful for so much, but first and foremost, we are filled with gratitude over the humanity in our community.

As we watch others in our industry slowly implode under the weight of this intense bear market and the greed seeping through the CeFi world and destroying everything in its path, we are so grateful that our mission and our humans were placed before all else as we chose our path of growth as a DAO.

Our update this week is a little thin, because well— holidays, but the projects and initiatives in motion right now are anything but thin. All of that said, if you’d like to help us move these powerful reporting initiatives forwards, please join our Discord


Conversations and Collabs

Our very own Clinamenic hopped onto a podcast with DAO Talk by Tally to explore all the DAO goodness that he’s got his hands in and here’s the episode if you’d like to listen!

And don’t forget our Town Halls! We took last week off for the holiday, but here’s the Town Hall from 11/16.

Our brilliant dev, Keith has created an instance on Mastodon to support our public goods ecosystem. While we’re still exploring (and waiting for) viable web3 options to replace Twitter that have scaled, some of us are now active on Mastodon and tapping into some of the more active communities of journalists who are embracing decentralization and federation.

Follow Keith or Me (Crystal) to poke around the folks we follow and build your own federated timeline— and here’s a hint— there’s no algorithm, so your feed is your own. And you can make it as lovely, calming or chaotic as you’d like.

Grant Sprints!

We’re fully engulfed in a grant sprint right now as we flex our fund raising chops. It's our first big push as a team, and hopefully will yield funds to bring our initiatives to life. We just submitted a sizeable grant to Future Quest for Phase 1 of our initiative for building a decentralized reporting protocol. You can review our grant submission here.

We are preparing another larger grant submission for a proof of concept grant to build a working prototype of Pinch Media— an idea created by Keith and Eureka John to build an async video and audio podcasting platform so questions can be asked and answered separately and then woven together for a final product. More to come as this grant progresses.

If you're aware of any grant opportunities you believe would benefit JournoDAO, please forward them to us in the server or via email. And here's an About JournoDAO wiki to fill you in on our initiatives, work in progress, and the core team.

Work on our Ocean Protocol grant is in motion and we hope to have bounties out for the community in the coming weeks. The next step is to ramp up the research phase of our reporting marketplace.

As we are focused on bringing sustainability to our treasury through grants for the foreseeable future, we decided to create a grant funds distribution structure to build our budgets from and to put a more concrete guide in place as we are awarded grants and funds begin to flow into the treasury. If you’re curious, the grant distribution proposal can be viewed on our governance forum here.

Onward and Upward!

Thanks so much for supporting our mission and please share this update on the Twitters and in your community! And if you haven’t already, please submit the form below and join our mission!

Please share this update with your community and apply to join our DAO using this link. We’d love to see you in the Discord!

And please don’t forget to gather that ETH and DON’T collect our Founders NFT!