JournoDAO Weekly: Fab Collabs
Photo by Matt on Unsplash

JournoDAO Weekly: Fab Collabs

Welcome to October, Media Regens! Hard to believe that Fall is in full effect and we’re seeing the pumpkin goodness in every single product possible right now. JournoDAO is currently riding the momentum of growth and we’re so excited to see new community members in the server and lots of collabs formulating as our mission touches more like-minded DAOs and builders.



Our Town Hall touched on some of the progress made at ONA and some of the community initiatives, such as podcasting. You can click here to listen in.

Our Spaces was a fabulously meandering conversation exploring the takeaways from ONA and other aspects of web3 and the media. Listen here to catch up on our conversations.

We were invited to hop into a Spaces with ImpactDAO media to talk about building for ImpactDAOs and shared the stage with some fabulous DAOs moving the needle on impact in their communities. You can listen to the conversation here.


Our friends over at Factland (and our first Founders NFT collector) has ramped up their fact checking claims and held their first Town Hall this week! Give them a follow, join their server and their mission to address the tsunami of disinformation in the media.

Clinamenic reworked our server to make it more powerful for all our new community members joining our mission. He also met up with Keith for an impromptu happy hour in Portland while on a retreat with CityDAO.

Our first founders community call to establish the framework for scaling the DAO and community in a way that puts "humans-first" and also empowers our community to move our collective mission forward occurred last week. More details coming soon.

Our DiamondDAO collab to help design Chainverse to be “journalist friendly” is still in progress, though our role has shifted towards more of an advisory capacity as they approach the launch of the product itself. Knowledge graphs for the web3 ecosystems will play a sizable role in helping investigative journalists understand the threads of inter-connectivity in our space.

We are finding ourselves repeatedly at intersections of web3 and data in our community and many more collabs are surfacing in this space. More to come on that soon.

Onward & Upward!

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