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JournoDAO Weekly: Exploring DAO Governance

The past week we touched on some important issues and ideas for our governance, which are all posted in our forum. We also dedicated last week's Spaces to talking about protecting our data privacy and security in a post Roe world. If you'd like to explore all of these topics (and more) on a deeper level, please apply to join our DAO.

The Short & Skinny Version

Growth & Governance

Our governance forum has been HOT this week (kinda like this summer…boy howdy!!) and here’s the TLDR; of what is being discussed on our forum. The forum is where we discuss more formal ideas and craft them into proposals that will vote upon as a DAO using Re-Public’s amazing voting app built by our very own @kaxline!

Conversations, Town Halls & IRL Events

Our very own @EricMack.eth published a fabulous article on CNET about Coinbase selling data to ICE, including gathering and sharing geotracking data:

Coinbase Says It Doesn't Sell Customer Data After ICE 'Geo Tracking' Contract Surfaces

We’re also gearing up for our first every IRL event this fall at the ONA Conference in LA! To get this party started, literally, @jenniferstory created a Telegram group for the event (and beyond) to coordinate and announce the various IRL events we’ll be throwing or attending at the conference. And yes, we’re planning something for our Founder NFT holders, we’re just not sure what that is at the moment— stay tuned and join the Telegram.

Last week’s Town Hall touched on some community initiatives and we talked in depth about our Founders NFT. Watch the replay here

Last week’s Twitter Spaces was dedicated to data privacy and security in a Post Roe world. As we explore this dangerous new landscape as a society, it’s more imperative than ever to protect ourselves, our sources, the women, female-identifying and marginalized populations in our communities and beyond. We took some time to start the conversation surrounding data privacy and security and we’ll be revisiting this topic as our world, and the control of our data, changes.

Proposals & Partnerships

Our blockchain investigative project with Diamond DAO’s Chainverse tool is moving right along and we’ll have more solid updates on progress in the coming weeks.

We don’t have any new governance proposals yet, but there a few ideas in our governance forum that are close to formalization as a proposal. If you’d like to participate in those conversations, please visit the forum and dive in.

Onward & Upward

Thanks so much for supporting our mission and please share this update on the Twitters and in your community. And if you haven’t already, please submit the form below and join our mission!

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