JournoDAO Weekly: Buidl It and They Will Come
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JournoDAO Weekly: Buidl It and They Will Come

The winds of seasonal change are blowing and JournoDAO is ready for all the goodness that comes with such a breeze. As the days get shorter and we all naturally retract into our cocoons of warmth and reflection, we have quite a bit of building to keep us active through the long nights and chilly days.

First of all, we've received a grant to research the viability of a news marketplace. We're also working on a new DeJourno podcast collab with Crypto Sapiens. Oh, and we're conceptualizing a return to storytelling by journalists in the spirit of the WPA. To top off the week, we also started building a photojournalism marketplace. Phew. Keep reading to get into the details.



Last week’s Town Hall explored some powerful initiatives, and now we’re fleshing out how best to bring them to life. One initiative is a news project gathering stories from around the country about the hidden, and not so hidden, impacts of Covid. The idea is to collect stories from around the world about how Covid has changed the fabric of our communities – done in the style of NPR’s Story Core and the government-funded WPA program during the Great Depression .  You can click here to listen in.

Our Spaces bounced through a multitude of topics as I (Crystal) find my grounding running these lovely little gatherings. Last week we dove deeper into systemic change and on-chain sourcing or attestations for news coverage in a decentralized ecosystem. Listen in here.

In our Twitter Spaces yesterday we dove deep into fighting disinformation with decentralized fact checking. Evan and Keith from Factland (and JournoDAO) took us deep into the need for FactlandDAO and how it works. Listen here.

Collabs and Creations

We got a grant!! We submitted a grant proposal last month to Ocean Protocol to do research on the viability of a news marketplace for web3. More details to come as we begin working on this grant. This is phase 1 of a multi-phase process to bring the project build to life. The initial phase of $3K covers the research component of the project.

Clinamenic started YOLO building a photojournalism marketplace using Foundation and Artiva. As a result we landed ourselves as beta testers for their new V2 of the protocol.

More to come as we flesh this concept out, build the marketplace and create the educational component (I'm sinking my teeth into this part). The short version is we’re creating a marketplace for working (or former) photojournalists to mint their NFTs and have them curated to join our marketplace with a small portion of each sale going to our treasury. We hope to onboard as many photojs as possible through this portal and help them create a revenue source to sustain their projects.

Clinamenic also worked closely with the team at DAOLens to create a lovely new on boarding process for our community. Once an application is accepted to join JournoDAO (this just shows us you’re a human, not a bot) we can then send a new member through a fabulous walk-through that educates them more on the DAO, our mission and helps them enter the community with a deeper connection to what we’re doing.

Our very own Eureka John created a collaboration between Crypto Sapiens and JournoDAO to create a mini-podcast series on journalism and web3 called DeJourno! We recorded our first episode today exploring the topic “what is journalism?” and will be recording 3 more episodes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Eric published a fascinating article on CNET about scientists creating gamers, out of brain cells, that could play a digital game. Take a minute to dive deep into this wild experiment.

Keith is running with the $JOURNO token AND trying to figure out how to create a bridge to Mastodon to use as our Twitter backup once Musk drives our public town square into the ground.

Onward and Upward!

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