JournoDAO Update: Walking the Talk
Image from a Women's March in 2019 in Quartzsite, AZ by cstreet

JournoDAO Update: Walking the Talk

We somehow blew right through October and landed in November! Where does the time actually go? Our team has been super busy building the foundations of JournoDAO and the ecosystem at large. No small feat, right? Here’s the short and the sweet of our work the past two weeks as we find ways to build an unstoppable movement of decentralized news professionals and supportive allies.

As we stare down a real test to our democracy and our country’s ability to battle disinformation and the resulting polarization at our local voting booths next week, let’s not forget that a functioning democracy needs an informed electorate to survive. Please join our Discord if you’d like to play a role in such a mission.



During last week’s Town Hall, the team from DoinGud hopped into our meeting for a deep dive AMA with our community about their new DoinGud DAO and how our community can participate. Please listen to the Town Hall on our YouTube page. The crew at DoinGud have several initiatives in motion that support creatives and organizations engaged in social and environmental justice. They are also adding some more complex protocols in the near future that are closely aligned with the work we do here at JournoDAO. Stay tuned as we’ll be doing a deeper collab with their team to explore these initiatives that support reporters.

Our last two Spaces were filled with some fabulous conversations! On the 20th, Factland DAO joined us for an intricate conversation about fact checking in a decentralized ecosystem and the role viable, peer to peer fact-checking plays in our society and our democracy. Listen here as Evan and Keith take us through the how and why behind Factland.

Last week, our community member and resident data analyst, Nick, took us deep into his investigative process for finding anomalies on the blockchain that could potentially signify improprieties or indications of big moves within the crypto industry. We learned about his process and some of latest findings and also explored how investigative journalists can deploy web3 technology to do their own reporting. Listen to the Spaces here. Here’s a screenshot of Nick’s latest find that’s in our server exploring the potential purchase of the Huobi exchange by Justin Sun.

We decided to begin doing our Twitter Spaces twice a month, rather than weekly and we’ll be starting that off this week.

Collabs and Creations

A recent podcast interview with founder, Eric Mack by Tim Delhaes on DAO Talks just came out. Be sure to add this to your listening queue!

Speaking of podcasts, we just recorded Episode 3 of our DeJourno series, which is created and produced by the fabulous Eureka John and Crypto Sapiens. Our topic this week was Censorship ... and we solved it, y’all! Just kidding. But we did take a deep dive into the topic and how decentralization can help or hurt the fight against censorship. And a special shout out to Reza from PubDAO that joined us for the conversation.

On October 19th, Clinamenic traveled to Washington DC to participate in talks with legislators and politicians regarding the crafting of legislation that will impact our industry. Here’s his summary of the event:

On October 19th, a conference in Washington D.C. with the topic of web3 advocacy, titled District of Crypto, was coordinated and hosted by Blockchain Association, Circle, Humanity Forward, Lobby3, and Republic. An intimate and casual event, the schedule included an introductory talk given by Andrew Yang, followed by a panel of speakers from the various planner organizations, both of which regarding the prospects of a healthy dialogue between industry innovators on one side, and regulators and legislators on the other side. The tone of the event was optimistic, solutions-oriented, and non-partisan, and indeed one of the more emphasized points was the industry’s need to avoid having web3 become a polarized topic - a prospect which would surely impede any would-be healthy dialogue.

Keith, our resident full-stack dev (because what journalism DAO would be complete without one?) worked on creating a bridge from Twitter to Mastodon as many of us sought to become ex-pats from the Twitters as they were taken over by the billionaire with an ax to grind. Here’s the app he built to help people understand what Mastodon is and how to onboard. We’re still exploring solutions as our global public square is now undergoing massive changes and we’re hoping a community-wide solution arises amidst the chaos.

Onward and Upward!

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