JournoDAO Moving to Weekly-ish Updates

JournoDAO Moving to Weekly-ish Updates

Now that the DAO is growing, it's no longer possible to get caught up on the goings on just by cruising through chat channels for a few minutes. To that end, we've decided to do a blog post like this one each week to let members and curious outsiders know what's going on. So let's get to it.

(Currently feedback must be delivered via Discord or [email protected]. A forum is in the works. If you're not on Discord and want to be, apply via the Join button on our homepage.)

Town Halls moving to Zoom

Discord town halls aren't for everyone. Not everyone can make the time and some don't want to learn a new piece of software. Recording them is an option, but recording in Discord is buggy.

For the next few weeks we'll be conducting the Town Halls in Zoom, recording them, and posting them for everyone to watch at their leisure. If you'd like to attend, we'll be sending out the link to subscribers of this blog.

Buy CNN Twitter Space

DAO member b_rad_c spearheaded an experiment to run a Twitter Space about  crowdfunding an effort to buy CNN. Some really great points discussed there.

A Move to Email Signups

We now have our own Ghost CMS instance, which is where you're reading this. Subscribing via our homepage or the subscribe button on this blog will now sign you up to receive blog posts in your email inbox. This will now be our primary way of communicating important info to our members. Previously it was a hodgepodge of Discord announcements and tweets. (Don't worry, we'll still be tweeting, too, where you can get more real-time updates.)

If anyone is curious about us, just tell them to sign up to receive email updates via the website. That's it. If they are more curious or want to do more, go ahead and direct them to Discord where the active discussions are taking place.

DAO Timeline

We thought maybe the best way for newcomers to see what's been done so far and what's being done is a living timeline. Go check out the JournoDAO Timeline and tell us what you think. Keep checking back since the plan is to update it each month (at least).

JournoDAO NFT?

Following a Bankless podcast episode with Kevin Rose, we began discussing what a JournoDAO NFT might look like. Rose has had great success with his Proof membership NFT, and it might make sense for us to do something similar.

What if we created an NFT that gave holders unlimited access to everything JournoDAO does in the future? Events, education courses, certification programs, schwag, airdrops, etc. How much might someone pay for that?

If we got 1,000 people to mint at $1,500, we'd have a treasury of $1.5m to get some really cool projects going, plus we'd have 1,000 die-hard supporters that were long on JournoDAO. Seems like a win-win?

UkraineDAO Partnership and Streamr Prototype

One of our experiments is to find a Ukrainian journalist covering the Russian invasion and hook them up with publishing tools of the future.

The first iteration of this is a data stream that the journalist owns and controls, which supporters can subscribe to for a fee – a fee that is delivered directly to the journalist's wallet. No intermediaries to censor the content or take a cut of the subscription fee. Just the journalist and their supporter exchanging directly with each other.

Before on-boarding a journalist, we are testing a prototype, which we have launched successfully with the @JournoDAO Twitter feed as our content source. You can subscribe via a crypto crypto wallet on the Streamr Marketplace.

Next step is to build a suitable viewing experience for subscribers, which may be a significant development task. Updates to come in next week's post.

Governance Token and App

JournoDAO has signed on to pilot a new governance framework being developed by Re-Public DAO. It consists of some novel smart contracts and a front-end to interact with them. Progress on those is swift but not shareable yet. Maybe by next week's update?

Here's a rough overview of the concept:

  • Governance token is a non-transferable ERC20. No monetary value.
  • 1,000 tokens minted every month. This increases supply and dilutes voting power of each token.
  • Monthly mint is distributed via the results of a Coordinape circle
  • In order to claim your tokens, you must delegate their voting power to another member or members. This means your input will be accounted for even if you don't vote.
  • Delegations can be subject matter dependent. You can delegate to one person if a decision is about 'Marketing' and a different person if the decision is about 'Software Engineering'. Hopefully this rewards expertise rather than general trust-level of a person within the community.
  • Delegations can be changed frequently (exact amount TBD). This introduces accountability if delegates disappoint their supporters with their votes.

That's it for now! See you next week ...