JournoDAO is Upgrading the Journalism Ecosystem. Join us.

JournoDAO is Upgrading the Journalism Ecosystem. Join us.

We got a lot of things wrong with the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 versions of journalism.

Both dealt in the currency of cynicism too often. We believe the Web3 version of journalism will deal more in the currency of hope.

This is why we’re launching JournoDAO to explore how DAOs and Web3 can revitalize journalism and repair the damage done by the cynical use of some truly tremendous tools and technologies over the past quarter century.

We’re looking to build a community to explore some of the most exciting questions to face journalism in a generation, such as:

🗞️ - What does a more decentralized and/or autonomous newsroom/editorial process look like?

₿ - How can blockchains and Web3 tools be used to increase transparency and trust in the process of doing journalism, interacting with sources and readers?

💸 - How can DAOs and Web3 be used to create new business models for journalism or enhance traditional models?

🤝 - What does a peer-to-peer distribution (or production) model for journalism look like?

And yes, we’re even discussing buying a newspaper or two, but not just yet.

First we’re looking to introduce more people from the world of media and journalism to all the brilliant minds already hanging around Web3. If you fit either of those descriptions, please fill out the application to join us below.

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