JournDAO Weekly: Still Minting
Image by cstreet.eth from the Women's March in D.C., July 9th 2022.

JournDAO Weekly: Still Minting

Another week has flown by in this steaming hot summer and more Founders NFTs made their way into our community member’s wallets. We are so damn excited to have our Founder NFT #2 minted by Matt Gray the CEO of Photure!

Matt first hopped into our server a few months ago and told us all about a photo app that he and his team were building that served as a peer-to-peer decentralized news network, allowing users to mint photographs, videos and articles directly from their phone, in real time. The implications for documenting IRL events and breaking news with complete transparency and permanence makes this crew of journalists giddy with possibilities. Please give the Photure team a follow on Twitter and download their app.

Founder NFT #3 was minted by a mystery person or people that hasn't / haven't been unmasked just yet, but we've got a few ideas... ;)

Now that we have Founders, we’re planning some IRL events this fall and hope they can join us in person and collectively brainstorm how to save the media from late-stage capitalism while we sip mojitos.


Partnerships & Projects

We’re excited to announce that our partnership with Factland is official! The Factland DAO is dedicated to restoring verifiable facts to media and the information we all consume and utilize to make vital decisions that impact our communities. The synergy between our DAOs is obvious and so is a partnership. We’re excited to see where this adventure leads us all.

Our collaboration with Diamond DAO is moving along at a breakneck speed, and if I would quit crashing the servers, maybe it would go even faster! But seriously, here’s an inside look at the progress so far:

Diamond DAO is building out a platform called Chainverse that helps map the detailed network of relationships in Web3. So far we've been working with the DD team as part of their talent network, playing with an early version of their system and offering our insight as media folks into what might make their data and their platform most useful for journalists, researchers, folks performing due diligence and other Web3 explorers.

Once everything is fully built, we'll then get to use the platform that we played a tiny role in developing to flesh out, report and visualize some investigative stories that you might be reading in some national publications in the months ahead.

Conversations & Town Halls

Be sure to join our Twitter Spaces this week as members from CityDAO will be joining us to talk about DAO structures and the associated legal questions that arise from DAOs.

Last week’s Town Hall touched on some community initiatives and we talked in depth about our Founders NFT. Watch the replay here!

Last week we explored the logic of dropping a Founders NFT in the middle of a nasty bear market and then traveled throughout a whole host of topics that our community wanted to explore. Listen to the recording right here!

Onward & Upward!

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