DeJourno Podcast Series Kicks Off a Big 2023
Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

DeJourno Podcast Series Kicks Off a Big 2023

Vacation has ended, the decorations are back in the attic, waistlines have expanded, and roadmaps are flying here in web3 land. We hope you all had a lovely holiday break and spent some much needed time with loved ones. Or at least enjoyed a few quiet holidays with your favorite book and some wine!

We’re back at it here at JournoDAO and are firing up our roadmap and taking a few initiatives out for a spin. We have some fabulous things in motion for 2023, including some educational initiatives and a decentralized reporting protocol, so please hop into our Discord to stay in the loop and help us build!



We were featured in an article on Right Click Save titled “Who owns the news in web3?” We were interviewed for this article earlier in the year and the conversation is one we have continually here at JournoDAO.

We’ll be attending ETHDenver and Schelling Point in March and have submitted a speaking applications at both events. Fingers crossed, we’ll be holding court about all things decentralized journalism in just a few short weeks!

DeJourno Podcast Series is Live!

Our fabulous podcast producer, EurekaJohn, produced an amazing series with the JournoDAO crew and special guests. Crypto Sapiens was a sponsor of this four-part mini-series on journalism, web3 and the various pertinent issues the media industry faces that could possibly be supported or solved through decentralization.

The series was a blast to participate in and we’re so grateful for John’s hard work on this project! So much so, that we’re rolling into 2023 with a JournoDAO Podcast on our roadmap to continue these conversations and explore more relevant topics in our ecosystem through the lens of journalism.

Episode One | Decentralizing Journalism

Taking a decentralized approach to journalism with Keith Axline, Crystal Street, Eric Mack, Nick from Journo DAO, hosted by EurekaJohn.

Episode Two | Web3 Tooling

Web3 tooling for journalists with Keith, Crystal, Spencer Cavanaugh and hosted by EurekaJohn.

Episode Three | Combating Censorship

Combating censorship in journalism using web3 with Pub DAO &’s Reza and JournoDAO’s Spencer, Crystal and Keith, hosted by EurekaJohn.

Episode Four | Web3 Incentivizing Journalism as a Public Good

In this episode, we focus on funding and journalism as a public good. We start by defining it and later on exploring ad-driven revenue and how it affects the algorithms in journalism. Featuring Eric, Keith, Crystal, Spencer, Humpty Calderon from Crypto Sapiens and hosted by EurekaJohn.

Onward & Upward!

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